Pilates vs Yoga: Is there a difference?

In the past decade or so that I’ve been involved with Pilates, I have definitely noticed that more people have actually heard of it. Back when I started my Pilates journey, it was something that “made Jennifer Aniston’s arms look really good” and what made my dancer friends suddenly acquire a new type of strength […]

Pilates or do we need a “six pack”?

brunch mat

Even our grandmothers told us, “You have to suffer for beauty, lady.” What kind of beauty do you think they meant? Even today, in a world of constant exercise, demands for body beauty and the desire for eternal youth and attractiveness – it is impossible not to ask this question. Many of us have ultimately […]

Knowing Pilates earlier, I would have been a more successful athlete.

I never thought that I would be a teacher who would be advising people on how to listen to their bodies, how to improve them from the outside, and how to repair and heal them using the Pilates method. It wasn’t my goal in life, especially when I was involved in performance and team sports. […]